Thursday, 11 June 2015

Entry 4: Baby is out of the bag

As of this post, everyone knows. We've had quite a bit of repeating of old stories, sharing the same details and people feeling left out because "They didn't know first". But everyone knows.

Now I'll recount who knows what, when and where:

  1. Pat was the first to know. I was weak and told my best friend of nearly 30 years first. It was an emotional dinner. Erica was a little annoyed that I played up her telling her grandma and cousin
  2. Erica's Grandma and cousin found out next. This was primarily in a panic because of Ashley, Erica's cousin, announcing her 6 week pregnancy. 
  3. Next came the big reveal. We went out to breakfast with my immediate family. I told my mom to order something from the Grandma menu, because she's old. AND SHE'S GOING TO BE A GRANDMA. Many tears were had. 
  4. Then we decided to tell Erica's mom on her birthday. Erica got a very clever card that was all about being a new Grandman then put a signature line saying "Oh s***... this was supposed to be a birthday card. It was cute and her mom was very happy for us. 
  5. Next was Erica's dad. This was a tough one because we had his entire family there for another get together. We told him just before diner when he dad mentioned something about "Well when you get pregnant". Her sister (who is also pregnant - about 4 weeks ahead of us) and her Fiancée both knew and congratulated us as well.
  6. And finally, we told the whole world. THE WHOLE THING! That's what facebook does, right? Tells everyone. People young and old, friends we haven't seen in years, Friends we didn't know we had. They all knew. 
It was very stressful and now it's done. Now we simply need to move forward and look ahead to our bright future. 

Until next time my super-secret journal...

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